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Introducing: Tiny House, Big Flavor

Cooking & Recipes

Van lifer and chef Laysea Hughes shares one of her world renowned go-to recipes, homemade pesto sauce, in the first installment 'Tiny House, Big Flavor.'


Analog Tales - First Frames from Frank Fina


Film photographer and secondhand style icon Frank Fina shares some "throwaways" off some old film roles.


Latest Stories

Catching Up with  Musican Eric Long

Artist Interview

We take the time to chat with long time friend of DSC and name to remember Eric Long. Make sure to hit play and give this young blues talent a listen while you read.


Please Me With Color

Photo Essay by Doug Robichaud

One of our favorite analog photographers releases a color study shot on 35mm film.



My Father and The Mountain

Story by Michael Weybret

A young man learns of the wisdom found in the mountains, and old age, by returning to Mexico's tallest volcanoes 40 years later.


The Valuable Sunset

Story & Photos by Michael Weybret

"With tired eyes and sore backs we navigated our way through the small town of La Verkin, Utah. Chiming in with it’s robotic never-quite-comfortable voice my GPS reminds me that we are about 15 minutes away from our campsite just outside of Zion National Park where we plan to spend the next few days..."


Unicorns are Real: A Night Of Music and Innovation with San Diego's Star Jungle

Story by H.R. Marshall

In a time of oversaturated media, Star Jungle reminds you what it means to have fun again. Performing an entirely improvised set at the Casbah in San Diego, these 4 talented musicians played their souls out in a jam session for the record books. 


How To Not Overpack For Your Through Hike

Adventure guide by Michael Weybret

Planning your first through hike? Seeking advice on packing can be stressful, too much or too little technical advice can leave you feeling overwhelmed and under prepared. Editor-n-chief Michael Weybret offers his advice on preparing for your through hike and tells you what he learned by grossly overpacking for the John Muir Trail.


Layover In Lumpur

Photo by Michael Weybret

Traveling is fun, we all know that. Layovers are not... but they can be. Will a 10 hour layover in the Malaysian capitol, Kuala Lumpur, I set out enjoy my brief stop in the island nation and see as possible.

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Soot and Sake

Story by Michael Weybret

A trip to the snowy mountains of Japan sends writier/photographer Michael Weybret stumbling upon an ancient cultural tradition, the Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival.