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an Edgevale USA playlist

Go To The Mountains & Listen To Bluegrass

Go To The Mountains and Listen To Bluegrass.  It was actually the answer to a question before it became a bumper sticker and rallying cry of sorts for the extended Edgevale family.  Someone asked me what I really liked to do outside.  And I guess I could have given some bullshit answer about hiking or fishing or campfires or going from the trail to the bar without having to change my outfit but without giving it much thought I said I liked to go to the mountains and listen to bluegrass.  

For the GTTMALTB playlist I pikced ten of my favorites but could've picked 10,000.  I also left off  all of the Mt. Rushmore of bluegrass dudes because, to be honest with you, I prefer bluegrass of a little less traditional variety.  I've got love and respect for the OGs of bluegrass, but Tony Rice, Tim O'Brien, Bela, Jerry Douglas, Peter Rowan...that's who I ride with.  I also included some current day stuff because I think bluegrass (or music with bluegrass instrumentation) is as vibrant as its ever been.  

Sitting around outside with my friends in the mountains listening to bluegrass is just the best damn feeling.  Someone smarter than me said writing about music is like dancing about architecture so I won't get all Lester Bangs here except to say that bluegrass and mountains have a spiritual connection that clears the cobwebs out, helps melt away stress and brings you back to a more natural state of mind. 

by Tony Vontz of Edgevale Usa