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First Frames with Frank Fina

A note from editor, Michael Weybret.

One of my favorite aspects of film photography is that, as the photographer, you know in the back of your mind that hitting the shutter is going to cost you fifty cents. Holding a heavy, metal Leica feels very different than taking snapshots on your iPhone; it carries much more weight in your hands and in your mind. The extra bit of heart that goes into a roll of film sets those images apart in a world saturated with digital imagery. Well, most of those images.

If you have ever shot a roll of film, you know about your first few frames. After exposing the first bit of the film roll to the light as you load it you take a few quick shots to advance the film, haphazardly composing a frame before clicking the mechanical shutter with reckless abandon. You know the image is already destroyed by the exposed film leader and inevitable light leaks, right? For a brief few moments, all the care and composure that goes into shooting film goes out the window.

Here are some images that Frank Fina took at the beginning of a film roll, which were ruined before they were ever conceived. There is something to be said for the subtle magic that occurs when someone just says "screw it" and fires the shutter.

All photos are by contirbuting artist Frank Fina.

Big Sur.jpg
SP ONE.jpg

Frank is a fashion mogul, dog father, and  analog photography junky from Buffalo, NY. He is also a great listener.

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