Do Something Cool

Video Feature

Build Better People

A film by 27 transmissions - Rocco DeLuca and Lauren Schneider

Featuring Ronald Arrington

Ronald Arrington is a homeless, half-blind artist, and former Black Panther from South Side, Chicago. Living on the streets of Los Angeles, Ron met Rocco about ten years ago. Discovering a shared passion for music, Rocco began taking his steel guitar to sit with Ron, who is often inspired to speak from his heart while Rocco plays. In the fashion of the blues poet that he is, Ron discusses the truths of life. We casually document these meetings. Ron consistently reminds us that the truth is simple and easily overlooked.


27 Transmissions

27 transmissions is an experimental house driven by the spontaneous. This house features original and authentic subjects both near and far away. Curated with quality and love, transmitted to those who are listening. 27 transmissions is a place where sound and visuals meet.