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Tribe - by Sebastian Junger


I was first turned onto this book by my good friend River Jordan. Every day he wakes up ahead of the sun to have time to make coffee, read, journal, and draft a detailed to do list before the rest of the world has even hit the snooze button. You may have a friend like River, I certainly hope you do. It is just plain good energy to have in your life, even if it is not your own.

As you might imagine, he’s type of person that when they recommend a book, you read it. I did, and now its your turn.

In TRIBE, author Sebastian Junger looks into the social history of mankind to study changes to our community structure and search for clues as to where we might be heading. With evidence ranging from the collisions of ancient civilizations with western cultures to the psychological effects of groups affected by war and conflict, Junger tells of mankind’s need for trust, loyalty, and community. His findings show that while our social structures have evolved greatly over the years, we as creatures, perhaps, have not.

This book provides much needed insight on the human social condition which is as relevant to our modern civilization as it was to our primal ancestors. I consider this book a must read. Gift it to your farther, your sister, your friend and your foe. It is, after all, about community. For better or for worse.


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