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Do Something Cool

It all started with a good idea for a bad tattoo...

In the early part of 2012, Michael Weybret started documenting the travels, adventures, and shenanigans of his friends and himself under the banner "Do Something Cool" after he half hazardously tattooed the phrase on his leg. What started as a quick bid for a laugh amongst a few friends soon became a rallying cry to strive for more than the mundane, ordinary lives society had planned for them and to instead push for boldness and creativity as they sought to live a life one could be proud of.

A culture of expression and exploration soon took shape and flourished in the most human of past times: storytelling. Countless generations of our ancestors have gathered to share their stories. The happenings of the last hunt, rumors of what may lay beyond the far mountains, myths of creation, and tales of worlds far beyond our physical realm. These stories became our histories, passed down orally and through art: paintings, songs, dances, any way that primitive man could find to express themselves. Mankind has never lost it's passion and zest for storytelling, and Do Something Cool intends to carry on that torch.

What We Do...

A gathering place has always been integral to storytelling culture. The oldest of which, and our favorite, has always been the campfire. We want Do Something Cool to be your digital campfire; a place to congregate to share your own adventures, your art, photography, writings, and your passions. DSC is for the trailblazers, for people who make things, do stuff, and shake up the status quo so that we might inform and inspire those who come after us.

Deep in the soul of every man, woman, and child is yearning to be more than a cog in gears of industry. We humans have a natural instinct to bond with our planet as we seek to understand the world that surrounds us, this sense of wonder is what connects us as a species and drives us forward. Here at DSC, we are united by this shared belief and by one simple rule: always do what makes for a better story.

So, what is "Doing Something Cool?

Great question, but their really isn't a good answer.

To be honest, the phrase "Do Something Cool" has always been a little bit of a tongue in cheek joke. Being "cool" is lame. Life is not meant to be lived by doing whatever is supposed to be cool, or what other people think is right for you. Life is about doing what makes you happy and we want you to pursue whatever "doing something cool" means to you. We want to inspire you to full-ass commit to your dreams, passions, and interests and chase every wild whim with a fire in your heart and under your butt. You are an explorer, explore. You are a rockstar, rock. You are a fucking unicorn, be fucking magic.

So you tell us, What is "doing something cool" for you?


Looking to Contribute?

DSC thrives on user generated content. Want to share your work? Some photos? Videos? Whatever it is, we want to hear your story. Send us an email:

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Photo by Laysea Hughes

Photo by Laysea Hughes


Michael Weybret is the lack of brains behind Do Something Cool, the blog/instagram/excuse to not grow up he has been working on for the last 6 years. He is to blame for all spelling errors found on this website, though he may claim that he was merely exercising his artistic freedom.

Michael currently lives on the road in his 1988 Toyota Chinook named The John Muiracle, which also serves as the HQ for Do Something Cool. He can be found outside of a city near you looking for waves, drinking beer at trailheads, and stealing your wifi.