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Analog Tales - First Frames from Frank Fina

Photo Feature

Film photographer and secondhand style icon Frank Fina shares some "throwaways" off some old film roles.


Catching Up with Musician Eric Long


Singer-songwriter Eric Long shares his thoughts on creativity and productivity while working on his latest album. 


Please Me With Color

Photo Essay by Doug Robichaud

Prepare to notice the beauty in the ordinary. One of our favorite analog photographers releases a color study shot on 35mm film.


How To Not Overpack For Your Through Hike

Adventure guide by Michael Weybret

Planning a backpacking adventure? Here are some tips for you that are tried and tested on the 211 mile John Muir Trail.


My Father and The Mountain

Story by Michael Weybret

A young man learns of the wisdom found in the mountains, and in old age, by returning to Mexico's tallest volcanoes 40 years later.


The Valuable Sunset

Photos & Essay by Michael Weybret

Utah is known for its beautiful sunsets, and this one did not disappoint. Lessons can be learned in the brief, fleeting moments of a long day's end, so long as you are prepared to listen.




Unicorns Are Real: a night of Music and Innovation with San Diego's Star Jungle

Story by H.R. Marshall

Because in the world of rock music, the stranger the better.


Layover in Lumpur

Photos by Michael Weybret

Making the best of your downtime is the key to getting the most out of your travel experience. A little boldness can make your boring layover a highlight of your trip.



"wander" is a short film about breaking from the norm & finding happiness.

Produced by Patrick Bilazio

Directed, Shot, and Edited by David Stoessel


Life Coach

There is a reason we work so hard to get out of our comfort zones, that is where the magic happens. When filmmaker Renan Ozturk has his camera turned on him by climber Alex Honnold during a failed summit attempt of Alaska's Ruth Gorge we see pushing our limits can lead to a sense of reflection and clarity.

This video reminds us that time spent doing what we love can perhaps be the best way to learn about who we are.

A Camp 4 Collective production presented by The North Face

Go To The Mountains and Listen To Bluegrass

A playlist curated by Tony Vontz of Edgevale USA.

Go To The Mountains and Listen To Bluegrass.  It was actually the answer to a question before it became a bumper sticker and rallying cry of sorts for the extended Edgevale family.

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